My goal as a therapist and Doula is to empower women and infants during this process in life along with providing a loving atmosphere welcoming this miracle of life into our world with a positive experience.

Some benefits of having a Doula for your birth!

Decrease of interventions such as:

  • Pitocin

  • Epidurals

  • Cesareans

  • Pain medications

  • Reduction in labor time!

 Benefits of having a Doula:

  • doula_02Personalized attention and support from a woman educated and experienced in pregnancy, childbirth & breastfeeding

  • Assistance and support on developing a birth plan with you and making sure your wishes are fulfilled

  • Increases your chance of coping successfully with labor and delivery

  • Provides a personal coach and massage therapist experience in empowering women in labor with an array of techniques

  • You and your baby will benefit by the healing energy and touch from  a skillful intuitive therapist

  • You will experience less anxiety and be less likely to experience postpartum depression

Some of the services to expect:

  • baby_02Assistance with birth plan

  • Monthly conversations to check in

  • On Call service during 4th trimester

  • A peaceful atmosphere, coaching with guided breathing and relaxation techniques along with massage when needed

  • Postpartum visit to review & share birthing experience

  • Light photography & Video

Labor & Delivery Massage

  • Light Digital Photography at birth & Light Video Taping


Affordable pre-pay series of pregnancy massages as well as postpartum and baby sessions.

Doula Initial consultant is only $50.00

Come and allow Ocean Breeze Therapy Massage to provide quiet and nurturing moments for you and your baby.

I encourage women to view the movie,, to inform yourself of your alternatives when bringing a new life into our world.