Pre/Post Pregnancy Massage

pregnancyChange, even welcome change, is stressful. The tension caused by stress, along with the physical changes of pregnancy, can sap your energy for coping day-to-day.

Now, more than ever, therapeutic pregnancy massage is needed for both mommy and baby. No one can ignore the countless ways your body is changing during pregnancy and the continued changes after birth.

Ocean Breeze Therapy uses a specially designed massage table where expectant mothers may lay face down with baby nestled in a safe supportive net.

Labor and Delivery Therapeutic Massage

Soothing whispers of water flow in the background, greenery flourishes around the room… refreshing beverages and tantalizing treats are served to replenish and pamper you… relaxing music will capture your spirit and refresh your body and mind.

Optional digital photography and/or video taping at birth.


Special Pregnancy massage table:

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